About Us

Our Mission

When walking in any city, town, or street in Italy, you will always find a geleteria. A gelateria is an Italian shop that typically sells gelato and sorbets but may also sell other items such as coffee, pastries, and snacks.

By offering the services, products, and ambiance from both the traditional Italian coffee shop and the classic Italian gelateria, the mission at Café Gelato will be to appeal to the diverse tastes of its customers by providing the best products and quality from both a café and gelateria.





Coffee is a staple in not only in Europe but also more importantly in Italy. Coffee is thought to be not just a business but also a culture where people may find the coffee shops in every neighborhood, street, or block. Whether it rains or shines, the Italian coffee shop is an essential stop for all people at all ages. Because of this, the Italian coffee house is a place where owners take pride in the quality and attractiveness of their product, service, and space.