Why our Gelato?

Our gelato is made fresh daily in our on-site laboratory, starting with the raw materials and not with prepared powders as most ice cream shops do.

We’ll use only the best non-GMO ingredients with the majority of these being imported from Italy.

Resulting in a correctly balanced gelato that is 100% free of preservatives and emulsifiers.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Our recipe

In traditional gelato laboratories, the components of the raw materials are divided according to the official classification of goods, into: water, sugars, fats, non-fat milk solids and other solids. The water can make up 60-68% of the mixture. The solids can make up 32-40%.

We have found that a better balance which makes for better taste and texture is 62-64 % of water and 36-38% of solids. Sugars will make up 16-19%, fats will make up 3-8% and milk/other solids will make up 1-10%

Our recipe produces a light, fresh, and tasty frozen dessert.

Our Commitment

Our mission at Café Gelato is to appeal to the diverse tastes of its customers by providing the best products and quality from both a café and gelateria.